1998 James Dean Lookalike Contest

1998 James Dean Lookalike Contest

     Updated 24 June 1999. URL is http://our.tentativetimes.net/fest98/look98.html

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Great 1998 lookalikes in a great contest

Your man in charge of festival entertainment, The Bopper, was kind enough to encourage me to be on stage and get really good pictures for you. This page is dedicated to all the fans who couldn’t get to Fairmount this year. We hope to see you here some year soon.

     Send a thank you to The Bopper too. Every year he has to devise a new show. Read more about this year’s entertainment on another page about this event.

The contestants collected backstage. There were no dress rules, but most seemed to favor the red jacket from Rebel Without a Cause. There are no real losers in this contest. The festival people’s main point is for the contestants just to enjoy the festival and honor Jimmy by trying to be like him. But we are all human, and this contest does matter a lot.

Wozniak 40, Royse 42, Mark Gruetzman 45, Rob Qualls 36, Lyndon Biegas 32, Lance Geiger 31, Lisa 41, and I don’t know the rest.

There were so many cameras about! Now let’s see what showed up from our end of the stage….

Another of the three finalists, Mark Gruetzman of New Brighton, Minnesota. (Pronounce it gritz-man.) His email is jamesdean4@juno.com

Mark has new lookalike photos on his site, June ’99.

    In the middle is another finalist, Mark Royse of Lebanon, Kentucky. Mark was featured as James Dean in a TV show this past year, (Strange Universe), and his pictures can be seen in many of the pages about the fan appreciation week that David Loehr hosted at the James Dean Memorial Gallery this past fourth of July.

The contest was kind of like a Miss America contest, in that everyone congratulated the winner. They didn’t do swimsuit competition, and there isn’t a scholarship, but the tension is the same.

Did you notice which contestant is female? What a surprise! I never knew until she spoke to me.

Ok, did I miss you? Did I leave out your name? Are you nowhere to be found on here?? Write to me at editor@tentativetimes.net

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Dance Contest Winners

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