1998 James Dean Lookalike Contest page 2

1998 James Dean Lookalike Contest page 2

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See the dance contest winners here.

More folks at the lookalike contest

Lots goes on on the stage besides the lookalike contest. Here is some of the other action.

    Fred Stephenson, The Bopper, played great 50s music as well as his own compositions. He sang and played his own fine music, The Legend of James Dean, available on CD. He let us see the slide show again, David Loehr’s from photograph collection, presented by Rita and Barry Boyer (I think) with great photos of Jimmy. Marcy, his beautiful assistant, kept everything organized backstage. She rounded up judges, balanced the sound, found the prizes, helped the contestants, gave us information and smiled through the controlled chaos.     One act I loved but missed almost all of was an Elvis impersonator who made the music more fun than even Elvis had.


Fun for all ages: a Garfield character came for the Garfield art contest. Here are two prize winners

Names are a problem in a crowd. Here are some of the judges, I believe. They include the previous long-term winner, Marcus Winslow, Phil Ziegler, Bob Pulley and Kenneth Kendall. If they weren’t judges, they have been in past years.

Fairmount Historian Ann Warr spoke before the contest. She told some of the history of the Festival, which is actually titled Fairmount Museum Days, as explained on the Historical Museum website.

   This pleasant photographer from the Ball State University newspaper didn’t mind my flash going off while he was shooting lookalikes above me. I think he would do well reporting in a war zone. Unflappable. Hope he sends me his name, that I lost.

   A surprise popped in this year, at the Gallery. Michael Dean is related to Jimmy. He has the same hairline and the same ears, and if his eyebrows were straight instead of angled, I think he would be a real close lookalike. Michael’s grandfather was James LeRoy Dean, from Phlox Friends Meeting. The family is hoping to trace their connection. More details on the second open house page.

Dance Contest Winners

There are first and second prize winners in the slow category and in the fast category. Somehow I got mixed up on the time and missed this contest, but I do have photos of four of the winners. I hope the new winners of the slow dance category will send their pictures by email to me at editor@tentativetimes.net.

The slow dance winners were

FIRST PLACE SLOW: Suzanne and Ross Beatty from Hammond, Indiana.

SECOND PLACE SLOW: Heather Young and Tim Garland, Fortville IN.

If they send me their pics, or tell me where I may have photographed them at the Gallery, you will see them here. FAST DANCE: Of the fast dance winners, three are people I know in Fort Wayne, Indiana and one from Indy whom I know from previous music events. Here are

   First place fast dance winners, newlyweds Brad and Krista Dawson of Fort Wayne. I took this picture at Ribfest.

    Gypsy, Jon Hartman, Krista and Brad Dawson came down from Fort Wayne together. Jon would have been playing in Indy that night with the Red Ball Jets, but their lead guitarist and singer, Tom Grant, had injured his arm. So Jon teamed up with last year’s winner, Patty Husak, to place second in Fast Dance this year. They probably had never danced together before. (Last year Patty won both slow and fast, and she had never tried to slow dance with her partner before the contest.) And now for a picture of the fleet-footed Patty Husak:

     Patty posed last year with her best friend’s fiancee, dancing partner John Kurek.

    A guy could do a lot worse choosing a role model. If you click on this picture, you can go back to the rest of the lookalike contest pictures.

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