James Dean’s 71st Birthday Party

Sue Mohammed won the door prize from the James Dean Memorial Gallery, while Jesse from Lansing, Michigan won the door prize from Daddy-O’s fifties shop in Fairmount.  Host David Loehr presented the prizes.

  Pam Crawford from Little Rock created an astounding  PowerPoint presentation of James Dean photos.  It must have taken a hundred hours to make it, or more.  I will scatter in some of the pics I took of the display screen, but you must promise yourself to see the whole show in person at the Fan Weekend or at the Festival next September.

David Loehr again provided the fans with another excellent dinner-dance in honor of James Dean’s 71st birthday.  This year the party was on February 3, a week early, at the request of the Fairmount Historical Museum, which showed Rebel Without A Cause on Sunday, February 4, with punch and cake.  David provided sandwiches, coffee, pop, salads, cookies and cake.  He also found the greatest rockabilly band running around loose.  Snap up these guys when you want to party!  We had more fun that you could shake a stick at.  They are the Crown Hill Diggers, from Indianapolis.

 This mystery couple drove for over an hour to dance to the Crown Hill Diggers and to toast Jimmy.

 Maxine Rowland from Ohio had a new curly haircut and shared her cake with Lenny.  What, Lenny, you aren’t in a Lenny shirt???

 None of us were sleeping at the party.  Read the next pages to see to what we were up.