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1. June 3-5, 2005.  A fabulous gathering at the Marion, Indiana airport.  Read the official web site for this at

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Opine is suffering from the editor's lack of time.

          Opine offers the funeral eulogy for Charles Gorgol, given by his niece Linda.

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The Editor is Slowing Down

Now we have two darling granddaughters, and I get less work done than ever ;-)

As you probably know, Our Tentative Times and all the content and graphics are pretty much the work of one person. I'm totally unable to update all these pages in a timely manner. This makes me really crabby with myself and those around me. The baby said I need to get get control of my life.

Most magazines the size of Tell-Mama or Deaners have a staff with writers, an editor, graphics whizzes, ad sales, etc. "I ain't got nobody," and nobody has the time to do what I do. I also have failed completely as President, Secretary and Treasurer (all at once) of the Humane Society, and wimped out on my political and civic activities. My husband and I have no social life. Our house (inside) looks like a tornado hit it. Nobody can stand to live like this forever.

Read all the good stuff in my 5 magazines. I have had to cancel out on my non-fiction book just to get some of the other things done. It was a sad decision but necessary. I was happy to do the James Dean festival in depth every year, and I plan to continue that. I just can't get much webwork done. The Halloween weekend's Magna cum Murder mystery conference has its own site now.
But there is life outside the web, I've heard. I seem to remember it. I'm still here, but I'm way slower.

Hugs from Sandra Weinhardt

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