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The May, 2009 James Dean Fan Get-together,
Jesse Dillinger's Tree

The get-together for May 2009  included planting a tree in remembrance of wonderful Jesse Dillinger, a Dean Fan we lost this year.

Phil Zeigler (Fairmount) broke ground.  Jesse's tree replaces the huge tree that fell across Main Street this past fall. 

Each shovelful was carefully supervised, studied,  rated and approved  by experienced Dean fans.

Pam's husband, Kevin Crawford, enlarges the hole with assistance from Molly Maila.  This is
the time when the handle broke on the shovel.

Teresita Gonzales (Illinois) , her lab Chico,  and Mary Ann Michna (Terre Haute) waiting for a new shovel after the first one snapped in two.

Sue Pelletier, club vice-president, and Andrew who works at the Gallery.  Sue holds a yellow rose made from feathers, which she put at the tree.  She recently moved to Fairmount and works at the new Meier superstore in Marion, Indiana.   

Some instruction was available.  Pam Crawford from Arkansas, fan club president, finishes the hole. David Loehr advises.

Mark Kinnaman adds his shovelful to the growing pile of dirt. Everyone wanted to help dig the hole, but the soil was rocky, hard as cement, and unyielding, despite the wettest weather on record here in Indiana.  This hole was truly a labor of love. 

Everyone was relieved that we could find another shovel on short notice.

Lenny added five buckets of water before mulching the tree.


Here is Jesse Dillinger's maple tree, on the corner of Fifth and North Main, at the James Dean Gallery and Rebel Rebel store.
We had a minute of silence to commemorate Jesse, as loyal a friend, as knowledgeable a fan, and as wonderful a person as we will ever be privileged to know.  We will never forget you, Jesse, and we send love and prayers to your family.  Thank you for coming into our lives for those memorable years.  We are all better for having known you.

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