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Page TWO, May, 2009 Banquet for David and Lenny
in Marion, Indiana

Mary Ann Michna in black, Phil Zeigler (Fairmount) in white, Marcus Winslow (Fairmount)  in plaid and Tim Kiernan (Michigan)  in green/orange reading Mary Ann's picture book of Dean fans.  Mary Ann, from Terre Haute, Indiana, is an artist and photographer, curator and former gallery owner.
Marcus, if you are new to Deandom, is the little cousin who grew up while Jimmy lived with Marcus's parents, Ortense and Marcus Winslow Sr.  Couple at back table are a mystery to me.  Please send names?

OK, so I got Bill but I don't want to claim this photo.  One of my worst snaps of the night.  S-O-R-R-Y.

Mary Ann Michna and Phil Zeigler.  Mary Ann brought a book of photos of Dean fans she made via Shuterfly.
We were enchanted!!!  Every one of us read the book as we dined. 

Arthur Elkins and his twin brother from Indianapolis.  Email name to me.      Mary Force in pink and black. 

Mike and Donna Copple with Mark Kinnaman.

 Email name to me.                                             Finally got Lenny and David to pose with me!  They were kept busy.

Andrew Himes in white shirt, by David.  Bert Brotherton in profile.

Linda Levine from South Bend with an Elkins twin.

Roger Tappan in gray shirt.

Bert Brotherton told us of his shock on learning of Jimmy's death in 1955.

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Planting Jesse's Tree At the Banquet OR
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