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February 6, 2008
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Lincoln's Doctor's Dog's Homepage

Subtitle: How To Stay Sane In A Small Town

This web site is back on line!! My lung disease is better, and I can take on more stress again. Happy dance.

Thanks for holding, Sandra Weinhardt.    Not all the pages are back up yet, but they soon will be.

First, I am restoring my bereavement pages at www.parlorcity.com/secop/grief.html
My archive page is back now, www.parlorcity.com/secop/archive.html  Here is what I was like in my first months of learning to make web pages, a lifetime ago. (Well, 12 years.)

My "serious index" pages are incorporated into www.tentativetimes.net now, including life in small towns and kustom cars. 
My family pages are gone, as no one read them.  The cats page is gone.  Lydia who needed a liver will be back on-line soon.
My James Dean pages are at www.deaners.net and are still always available. 
My Gene Stratton-Porter's Geneva, Indiana,  website lives at www.genestrattonporter.net and is still always available.

Sandra Weinhardt email secop@parlorcity.com
Most of my early material from this personal site is incorporated into my e-magazines through www.tentativetimes.net/