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New to the net?
Here is the distilled wisdom of Otto's editor as she struggled through the problems of software and the internet. Fast, breezy, printable for your future reference. Save yourself swears and tears with this advice.

For young people to lose a friend is about the hardest blow of all in adolescence. Even the adults who knew Audie Pitre (of the band Acid Bath) are grieving the loss to this day. Read about the impact one musician had on his world. Audie and his parents were killed by a drunk driver.
My other grief pages are on my personal website, but I plan to move them to OPINE.   You can read them on my personal site for now. 

Ham Radio Columnist
Bluffton amateur radio enthusiast extraordinaire Bill Weinhardt, W9PPG, writes a column for the Wells County Amateur Radio Club newsletter. Here are the collected works of Otto reporter and columnist Bill Weinhardt.

W9PPG, Bill Weinhardt's Radio Columns
1. Why use CW? 2. Learning Morse Code
(the easier way)
3. Great Fun
with CW
4. Antenna Ideas 5. Old Equipment
I've bought and made
6. More Radio Nostalgia
7. W9ASX, My Elmer, Glen Rogers 8. Surplus Equipment 9.Questions from my e-mail, with answers
10.  Science Fair Project, Keyer 11.  Who saved my life?
All columns ęcopyright Bill Weinhardt 1996-2003

Let's Be Healthy
Expenses of long-term illness - why the fund raisers??
Purdue Dinner Series
The Philosophy of Liver
Bill Weinhardt writes about his life-changing experiences in the prostate cancer pages.

Book Reviews and Announcements
Several pages of my book reviews are on-line now.
Purdue University Press announces a new book about the relationship between animal abuse and abuse of humans.

Otto's Little Secret
It seems someone has noticed that our mascot, Otto, is not a peacock. Surprise! Otto is a crested crane. We won't tell Otto, though, for his feelings would be all higgledy-piggledy, so read the story here.

Free Graphics
I guess I've only changed this page three times in seven years.....   But who knows?  I might change them again any day now!  I have thousands upon thousands of photos to share. Stop by the free graphics page

Music Pages
Music has its own magazine, www.tell-mama.com  
This e-zine is now huge but very outdated.

Nostalgia now has its own e-zine too, with the pages about life in small towns.

Our Tentative Times (Otto) is now divided into four magazines. This one is OPINE. Give us a bit of time to find a graphic that says all that without words!  You are still under the umbrella of Our Tentative Times

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