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  The James Dean 50th (Death) Anniversary blew us away!
Those who were able to go to Marion, Indiana on June 3, 4 and 5, 2005, experienced new emotions and opportunities at the airport.  Deaners.net presents pictures and captions. 

deaners.net pages for June 2005 DeanFest in Marion IN
Friday, June 3, at the Marion Airport Page 1.
Ceremonies  and fans.

Page 2 at Airport
FANS at the Gas City
James Dean Memorial Gallery

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Page 2
Page 3

Page 4
Celebrities at DeanFest

Some of the bus tour stops
  and James Dean's headstone

The Fifth Dimension Concert Lonnie Fowler,
American Icon
Talent Contest Winner!
Art Effects on
the Fifth Dimension drummer
Many fan pics are from the Memorial Gallery, Gas City exit 59 off I-69.  Fans galore. Fresh James Dean Tattoos Bookmark this page to find it faster!
The Fairmount Historical Museum's James Dean Days event, September 23-25, 2005, is free. You are welcome to share the joy with us in Fairmount, Indiana. See past events index.
Join Dean fans from all over come for David Loehr's Fan Appreciation Weekend, July 29-31, 2005. See current events page. James Dean Memorial Service, Back Creek Friends Meeting, September 30th every year.  See current events page. Buy Jake Roth's Lions Club James Dean enameled pins on sale now!

On Saturday, June 4, the friendliest singer in America, Lonnie Fowler, is crowned the new American Icon for his original song about James Dean.  Jane Withers made the announcement on stage at DeanFest.  See pictures  and information to order a copy of his musical CD on the  Lonnie Fowler page.

A NASCAR car at the DeanFest.

Lonnie Fowler  Artist Jin G. Kam  
Earl Holliman at ribbon-cutting ceremony
They sang, danced and played their hearts out.  Magnificent!

Dave Tucker, on the journey with Vic Bent, has a wonderful James Dean website.  See link below.

Vic Bent, Spyder replica owner

Texas Bob Hinkle with Earl Holliman

Link to pictures of David Loehr's James Dean Gallery and Museum:

Link to the Fan Club:  James Dean Remembered, International, fan club, www.tentativetimes.net/jdr/

   Free, 30,000 people and 1500 cars...See you there!  It's free, it's annual, there is no charge for the movies or to enter the area or whatever.  Only fee is if you enter your car in the car show.  Free for all contestants in dance contest and lookalike contests.  Gratis.  Experienced festival providers with enormous experience giving their all to the fans.  Free.   Come to Fairmount, Indiana  for The Real Thing.  It's free.  All three of Dean's movies are shown for free in the community building.  For $5.00 you can spend all day at the Gallery (Gas City) and see the rest of James Dean's filmed work.
See past years' events in http://www.deaners.net/

Here is the link for the peripatetic, charming David Tucker: http://www.jamesdeantribute.com/ 

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