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The 2001 James Dean Remembered Festival is September 28, 29 and 30th. The memorial service is at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, the 30th, at Back Creek Friends Church. David Loehr's open house in Thursday night, September 27, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. at the James Dean Gallery on North Main Street.
The Legend Diner is sold to an experienced restauranteur and you can eat there during the festival, but the new name is The Quaker Inn.

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"It Happened In Fairmount" Dean Pages
A guide to the great antiques stores in Fairmount
The 2001 James Dean Birthday Party
The year 2000 James Dean Birthday Party
H. Cocks' play James Dean - The Boy From Fairmount is set in Fairmount, mostly.
A stunningly good play!
James Dean's Cemeteryand recovered tombstone
1999 Dean Birthday Celebration and the
'98 Birthday Dance
Unveiling Fairmount's James Dean Stamp
In Fairmount Today
Dean information
Cleve Porter on the 1995 Dedication of the James Dean Memorial Park in Fairmount
The Legend Diner is SOLD!!!!!

Adeline Nall and, sadly, her funeral
Photos of
Kenneth Kendall himself
Kenneth Kendall paintings
R R Rees writes on Marfa Lights and on James Dean
Kris Frailey reviews Val Holley's book, James Dean, the Biography
Read Phil Ziegler's Fifties Poem
Neil Douglas paints James Dean
Rock Lasso Celeb
Bob Hinkle
Links to 1950s people and cars

1950s CARS!
1999 Car Show not on-line yet. I'm trying.
The 1998 James Dean Run (2 pages)
and 1998 Car Show Awards
Cholame California
with new info about the Spyder photo 8-30-99

In Reno, the original Rebel Mercury
The 1997 James Dean Run
A Kustom Mercury
Mercillac! Praise The Lowered
Car Shirts!
Cholame leadsleds
Mike Nelson does Cholame
Other car pages are coming.
Highway Tragedy

Dean Pages Not Exactly In Fairmount
An extensive Cholame section about the monument and about cars
By Magdalin LeonardoLee Black Childers photographed Fairmount
Marfa, Texas by Magdalin Leonardo
James Dean in New York
by Magdalin Leonardo
What IS a Fan?
Dean Movie now on video! New title is James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young (was Race With Destiny)
Dean Videos and Stamps for sale
Art By James Dean Fans
Watch this space

Additional Dean Pages

Links to the 1950s
Fans, and the defunct
WRDI Fan Club
Dean Videos and Stamps for sale
5-31-99, Neil Douglas paints James Dean
Gurney Mattingly
Lost page recovered: Dean Tee Shirts
'98 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #6
1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #5
hosted by David Loehr
Very old, but still swinging, 1996 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #4
Dean and car tattoos also more tattoos

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The 1999 September Festival in Fairmount

1999 James Dean Festival pages include:

Marfa pages are:
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All text and images 1998 Magdalin Leonardo.

July 1999 Fan Gathering In Fairmount
Fanweek Overview
Dinner on Friday
Something For An Empty Briefcase
James-Dean-Only Jeopardy-style trivia contest
and the answers
Visitors at the Gallery
page 1
This and That, on the weekend
Mark Kinnaman wrote the report on the Saturday Banquet at the Hostess House in Marion IN

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