1950s CARS!
Cholame California
with new info about the Spyder photo 8-30-99

The 1998 James Dean Run
and 1998 Car Show Awards
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2004 James Dean Run
2003 James Dean Run
2002 James Dean Run
2001 James Dean Run
2000 car show pages never got made, my bad
1999 James Dean Run
The 1997 James Dean Run
A Kustom Mercury that I love with all my Kustom heart
Mercillac! Praise The Lowered
Car Shirts!
Cholame leadsleds
Mike Nelson does Cholame
Dean and car tattoos    also more tattoos
Highway Tragedy
What do car fans love? Rockabilly music! read on '98 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #6
1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #5
hosted by David Loehr
Very old, but still swinging, 1996 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #4
Lots more rockabilly and roots in my music magazine, www.tell-mama.com
a car show at the retro Gallery
In Reno, the original Rebel Mercury I have tickets and reservations for the 2008 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend! June 26-28 in Indianapolis.

In 2005 I could not get a ride out to the car show.
In 2006 I missed the car show because of my knee surgery.
In 2007 I missed the car show because I couldn't walk well enough to handle the fairgrounds at the car show.

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