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The James Dean Memorial Service at Back Creek Friends Meeting, a welcome.

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The James Dean Memorial Service is held each year at 1:00 p.m. in Back Creek Friends Meeting, on September 30, the anniversary of Jimmy's death. Here is the written welcome we were given as we entered this year's service.

September 30, 1997

Dear Friends,
Susan Bricker is a young member of Back Creek Friends Meeting, and at 10 years of age has expressed very clearly in her poem, the feelings of many of us who live in Fairmount.


by Susan Bricker, age 10

Fairmount is my hometown,
My favorite place to be around.
We have a festival every fall,
And I really have a ball.
People come from far and wide,
To see the Museum and what's inside.
There's lots of things for you to see,
Fairmount has a lot of history.
Old fashioned homes down every street,
Lots of yards kept clean and neat.
The people here will smile and wave,
There's lots of memories you'll want to save.
Say Hello to James Dean and Garfield the Cat,
No other town can brag about that!!!
No matter where else I roam,
Fairmount will always be my home.

Today we want to sincerely welcome you to the community and to Back Creek Friends Meeting. Many of you have been here in previous years, and this year are finding some changes. Along with all of you, we were very saddened by the death of Mrs. Adeline Nall. The service this year will seem empty and strange without her, but it was her wish, and willhonor her memory to have Jimmy's Memorial continue on.

For the past several months our workmen have been very busy adding a new fellowship hall, kitchen, bathrooms, and sunday school rooms to our meetinghouse. We truly hope you will find our new addition as beautiful as we do.

We thank God for His goodness to us, and thank each one of you who, over the years, have given so generously to our building fund through your offerings at the Memorial service.

We hope you will take time to walk through our new facilities and enjoy this wonderful blessing with us. Our contractor, Joe Smith, and his employees have made this project a personal commitment, and given us even more than we dreamed of.

Some memorial plaques have been purchased and placed beside the windows in the new annex in honor of loved ones at Back Creek Meeting who have passed away. One of the large windows in the fellowship hall holds a memorial plaque honoring James Dean, placed there by his family. There is also one to honor his Aunt Ortense and Uncle Marcus Winslow.

As you can see, there is still much work to be done. Next year we hope to have it beautifully landscaped for you, but when we are finished, the front of the old meetinghouse will look as it did when Jimmy attended here as a young boy.

It has also been our pleasure this past year to welcome your good friend, and ours, Phil Zeigler to our community and church family.

We trust your visit to Fairmount has been very enjoyable, and we extend a cordial welcome to visit us again next year, and to come and worship with us at anytime.

We ask God's blessings upon all of you, and may he grant each one of you a safe journey home.

In friendship and His love, Back Creek Friends Meeting

I know we were all impressed with the welcome we received from Martha Howell and the rest of the Friends. We thank them for their hospitality and we thank Susan, the granddaughter of Martha Howell, for putting into words our feelings about Fairmount, Indiana. Susan, you spoke for all of us.

If you missed finding the plate as you left the service, or if you weren't able to be here this year, you can send a donation to

Kenneth Small
Back Creek Friends Treasurer
2520East 750 South
Fairmount IN 46928
The telephone there is (765) 948-5640. For the first time, they have an answering machine, although I feel it wouldn't be too kind to make them return long distance calls.


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