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The Wells County, Indiana, Humane Society

Post Office Box 214, Bluffton, Indiana 46714.

This Society is merely an educational endeavor. Due to lack of volunteers, we have been forced to disband. The moneys will be administered by the Wells County Foundation, to benefit the fine new organization, Friends of the Shelter.

The information below is from November of 1998. Things didn't get better, volunteer wise. We were very grateful for a donation from the Hulda Higgins estate. That money will indeed be used to further Humane Education in Wells County, through Friends of the Shelter. The Friends need people to present a simple flannelboard talk in the Kindergarten and first or second grade classes in this county. A pet to accompany a presenter is a huge plus! But anyone who enjoys children will enjoy showing them how to care for a pet. We need to reach the children early in life. We hope they will then influence their families to care for animals with kindness and concern.

When Friends of the Shelter has a web page, I will link to it here. This is a dynamic group led by Suzanne and David Feeback of Bluffton, Indiana. We are overjoyed to have a fine director of our city/county shelter, Tina Fate, and her awesome assistant, Dennis. The adoption program is going great guns, the odor problem is greatly abated, and it has become a pleasant experience to visit the shelter. Adoptions are no longer limited to Wells County. People have come from all the surrounding counties to find a wonderful pet.

Adoptable Pets

Shelter hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The phone number for the shelter is (219) 824-6063. It is located in front of our new sewage plant just west of State Road 1, the main drag in Bluffton). The mailing address is Animal Shelter, 702 North Main, Bluffton IN, 46714. The shelter is hidden behind the Clark station north of Hires Auto Parts, but across the little road.

Call to find out what animals at the city shelter can be released for adoption. It is important that these animals be suitable for your unique household. Tina and Dennis can guide you. They can be called out on a run unexpectedly, so call ahead.