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 Naomi Yamada's 2,000 Cranes tribute and Nicky Bazooka's flower saddle.
Two thousand cranes, all made by hand, plain paper of solid colors and 16 different colors of a patterned paper.... I think she finished sewing them together on the plane ride to Indiana.

Close-up of some of Naomi's cranes.

The opposite side of Jimmy's marker.

Headstone for Jimmy's dad Winton Dean and his second wife.

Marcus Sr. and Ortense Winslow's headstone, Jimmy's Aunt and Uncle who raised him.

Nicky Bazooka's flowers for the headstone, and the bubble gum he threw for the children to catch.

A fan in a jacket from the 40th Anniversary, ten years ago. 

Those in the know know whose Mercury this is. Do you know?

Perspective: Looking at the front of the Winslow/Dean plot looking out toward Sand Pike (which I always thought was called North Main Street extended.)

Past Lookalike winner Brian Burke wore his Lookalike costume at the cemetery but not in the church.

Earlier we thought we saw Baby Bob hunting a Quizno's sub shop.

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