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at Back Creek's brunch you're here! at the service outside Back Creek Meeting at Park Cemetery in Fairmount Friends Meeting

I'm checking for names.  I know this Fairmount couple. His Grandmother used to baby-sit for James Dean.

He's a fan who can speak French, and she's Sara Roumette who speaks French, so they visited a while at brunch.  I don't know his story, but Sara came up on an impulse (also on a plane) for this Memorial, from the Caribbean.  (Send new or corrected details to editor@tentativetimes.net if you want to!)



Two mainstays of the James Dean Remembered fan club, Mark Kinnaman with Sue Mohamed, grandmom of Trei Pelletier and mother of Adam Pelletier.  Adam's learning to drive tanks at Fort Hood.  (I overexposed this photo but it was too cool to waste.  I need to study my camera's manual.)

Etienne Heijndryckx from Belgium with his friend Helga. We're glad that they were able to spend a rewarding ten days in Fairmount on this trip.

Isabela Vasile (Canada) with 2005 Lookalike winner Jimmy White of Kokomo IN

Mattie Sellers (Fairmount, IN) with Brian Burke of Daytona Beach, FL. Did you remember from some past year that I noted Mattie's husband used to cut James Dean's hair once in a while?

And now for the Memorial Service in the main part of the church

  The 2005 James Dean Memorial Service 
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Poetry and Lyrics by Charles Barnes 

Dust and Clay The Romance of Rebellion Lyrics for East of Eden

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